Canadian Pavilion

Canadian Pavilion

International Pavilion

The Canada Pavilion at Gastech includes government and commercial delegations dedicated to advancing the LNG and Gas industry in Canada and to share its technology and service sectors with the rest of the globe. dmg::events (Canada) brings Canadian Exhibitors to leading energy events around the world and welcomes Exhibiting Agents and Government Delegations to join us at Global Petroleum Show. This is North America's Leading Energy Event celebrating the Future of Energy and takes place each June in Calgary, Alberta Canada, located in the Foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.





Commercial benefits

  • Advanced Innovation has improved resource recovery and economic development through combining efficiencies in hydraulic fracturing with multi-well drilling has reduced the overall surface footprint of drilling. This has allowed better access to broader reservoirs from single well pads.
  • Canada is committed to reduce methane emissions by 45% by 2025. These technologies include the use of solar panels to power pumps and trapping vented gases to fuel supplemental power sources for natural gas facilities. Improved Methane Detection and Monitoring is being developed trough governmental and academic groups and include the development of robust ground, aerial and satellite-based detection networks. Various partnerships and programs develop innovative solutions to improve environmental performance.

Services Offered

  • Custom Canada Branded Shell Scheme. Networking Event

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